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Friday, February 16, 2018

PDC Image

We make people beautiful from the clothes to the confidence.

PDC Image selects the right pieces for you for both comfort and
style, so you look great and feel terrific, whatever you're wearing.

How to look stylish instantly with the clothes you have in your

1. Pop of color
2. Monochromatic look
3. Add leather jacket, jean jacket or a military jacket
4. Shade of red lipstick
5. Play with oversize sweaters, (boyfriends sweater)

Five ways to update your Wardrode

1. Add pop of color with an handbag or shoes
2. Add Designer sunglasses or update your eyeglasses
3. Designer belts or brooches
4. Monochromatic look in shades of neutrals or black
5. Mix high-end and low-end classic fashion pieces

Five ways to look fashion forward , stylish at any age and
Be On Trend

1. Invest in a Designer handbag
2. Pointy toe shoes
3. Wear neutral colors
4. Simple jewelry or statement pieces choose which piece to
wear, never wear big earrings, big necklace one or the other don't over
do it you can look cheap.
5.Neutral or natural make-up with a pop of color on your lips
every women can wear red lipstick you just need to find the perfect shade
of Red for your skin tone